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Discovering The Turnkey Process

What makes Texas Turnkey Properties the ideal partner for real estate investing in Houston?

Our unmatched Turnkey Process. At Texas Turnkey Properties, our team handles every aspect of real estate investing – from acquisition to rehabilitation to day-in, day-out property management – and everything in between. We offer a true, hands-off approach to investing but still enable our investors to experience huge returns and to receive significant monthly cash flow. Our goal is for investors to feel reassured that they are working with a skilled team that takes the difficulty out of real estate investing. Call or email us to find out how we can put the Turnkey Process to work for you.


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IRA Nest-egg

Investing with a Self-Directed IRA

At Texas Turnkey Properties, we’ve helped numerous partners invest in property in the Houston area using Self-Directed Investment Retirement Accounts, commonly called IRAs.

By choosing to invest in real estate, our partners are able to achieve substantially greater returns in their IRA plans than they would typically experience with stocks or mutual funds. This has become more and more common in the wake of our nation experiencing years of turbulence in the marketplace. Fortunately for investors, we’re able to combine the advantages of an IRA with the knowledge and expertise of a successful and transparent real estate investment team to produce tremendous financial growth. By creating, transferring or rolling over a 401(k) to a truly self-directed IRA, anyone can take complete control over the investment of his or her own funds. Please call us to learn more about investing with a self-directed IRA.

Unmatched Customer Service

Over the past decade, our team has partnered with clients on hundreds of properties across the country.

Shawn and Joni learned early on that it’s important to have a mentor that truly cares about the investor’s success. Our passion is providing assistance through every step of the investment process. We’re dedicated to the success of our investment partners and we value each of our relationships. We’ll be here for you during and after every transaction.

Part of what sets Texas Turnkey Properties apart from other real estate property management partners is our commitment to clear communication. We start by going in depth to discuss and define the expectations of both parties. From there, all efforts are direct towards meeting those expectations. During the transaction, we communicate with investors on a weekly basis. After the transaction, we still communicate monthly with our partners throughout the entire life of the client. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.

At Texas Turnkey Properties, our partners are family. We offer over 20 years of combined property management support and we extend the full breadth of our experience to every client we have the privilege of working with. We focus on reducing unnecessary costs throughout the process and even take on maintenance fees ourselves for the full first year of a contract. We stand by what we do. In fact, we are so confident in our rehabilitation of each property that we expect to never see additional maintenance costs during the first year. Who else can say that?

If you’re looking to learn how to make your money work for you, Texas Turnkey Properties is a great partner. Call or email us to learn exactly what we can do for you.